Monday, January 10, 2011

Get $25 Restaurant Gift Cards for only $2! Weekly Promo Offer 600 X 400

Have you guys heard of They are amazing. It's a website that sells discounted gift cards to a bunch of different restaurants and bars. They usually sell $25 gift cards for $10. Right now you can get $25 gift cards for only $2! I purchased a bunch for myself and my husband to go out on date nights. It's expensive to go out to dinner these days (especially if you're a penny pincher like me). But at these prices, we can actually afford to go to nice restaurants that we would never go to without these gift cards. 

I live in Ventura County, California. Here are some of the local restaurants selling discounted gift cards in my area:

  • Cafe Firenze
  • Viva La Pasta
  • Giovanni's Steakhouse and Seafood
  • The Dugout Sports Grill
  • Secret Garden
  • Lemmo's Grill
  • The Alamo
  • El Taco De Mexico

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