Friday, March 25, 2011

FREE Happy Baby Product!

For those of you with babies or toddlers, here is a coupon for a free product from Happy Baby. The coupon expires March 31st. This is for HAPPYBELLIES, the only cereal that is organic with probiotic protection and DHA, HAPPYMELTS freeze-dried organic yogurt snack for babies, and HAPPYBABYPUFFS, the only organic self-feed baby snacks. 

Click here for the coupon.

{UPDATE: The link has changed! I have updated the links in this post.}

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  1. I got the email, but there was no link for a free product :(

  2. I hope I get one in a few days. I really want to try their puffs because Plum are too hard and don't melt fast enough but expensive for them to be exactly the same. The Gerber ones a friend used melt really fast, they have no point though and are icky, and Plum was more like a cheerio.

  3. Janine- not sure why there wasn't a link. I got mine! There's a think to check mark on the Facebook page that says Sign up for promos and deals. Maybe that needs to be check marked? not sure... I hope they didn't remove the coupon! Maybe it will come in a separate email.

  4. UPDATE: The link has changed! I have updated the links in this post.

  5. Thanks! I saw your new post the other day and I printed the coupon and picked it up at Target! Yay! ~Janine

  6. Hey Sierra, just tried to print the coupon Kurt told me about this morning and this is what the link says:

    Dear GENERATION HAPPY Pledge Takers,
    Unfortunately we had to take down this link due to people
    abusing it. We greatly appologize for any inconvenience.
    Please email us at to receive
    your printed coupon in the mail. This coupon is only for
    those who have signed up for the Generation
    Happy Pledge, one per pledge taker.
    Thank you,

    I guess a few too many people took advantage of the coupon ;-)

  7. Bummer... the coupon expired yesterday anyway.