Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday's Garage Sale: The Results Are In

We had a garage sale yesterday. We teamed up with our neighbors and had a large multi-family sale. We ended up selling almost everything we had for sale. We weren't selling that much so we only made around $60. Well, technically we only profited about $35, because we bought something from our neighbor's sale. We bought a freezer for our garage for $25!!!! You can't beat that! I'm so incredibly excited about our amazing deal! I don't even care that we didn't profit very much money. We made a huuuuge profit that greatly benefitted our family: more free space where all the junk used to be, $35 bucks, and a new freezer for our garage! It looks a little something like this:
Here's a great extra moneymaker for garage sales:
In addition to a bunch of random junk, there's a few other things we sold. I baked homemade lemon poppyseed muffins to sell. We sold completely out of them in a hurry. We picked a ton of lemons off our tree in our backyard and sold about 40 of them. Then I got creative and cut springs of rosemary herbs and put them in bags to sell. The great thing is I got boxes of muffin mix for next to nothing because of sales and coupons. And the lemons and rosemary were grown fresh in our yard so they were free. Everything I sold was a complete profit since I didn't need to invest anything first.All those things were really easy to sell. It was cold in the morning, so next time I think I'll sell hot chocolate and coffee too. 

So for your next garage sale, think about what things you can make of sell that doesn't cost you much. If you have any type of fruit trees or veggies or herbs growing, bouquets of fresh flowers from your yard, baked goods, anything you want. It's just things like that- thinking outside of the box to make just a little something extra at your next garage sale. 

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