Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sierra's Sweet Savings!

So I realized that there's a ton of pictures of my grocery trips that I never posted! Let's get caught up...

Ralphs Shopping Trip - May 4, 2011

                                    Original Total        $211.38
                                    I Actually Paid       $5.37
                                    Total Saved           $206.01
                                    Savings                 97% 

Best Deals- FREE PASTA!

 Ralphs Shopping Trip - May 4, 2011 (Wood Ranch - Store Closing)

                                    Original Total        $216.98
                                    I Actually Paid       $68.11
                                    Total Saved           $148.87
                                    Savings                 69% 

Store was closing... last day before they closed their doors. BEST DEALS- Nestlie Chocolate Chips $.50 each, Baby food jars around $.30 each, Boxes of Claratin & Alavert allergy medicine $1, Hot dog buns $.59/package, Windex Wipes $.75, and a great deal on Diapers and Wipes. 

  Ralphs Shopping Trip - Feb 28, 2011

                                    Original Total        $56.76
            I Actually Paid       -$10.64 Yes, that's a Minus... THEY PAID ME!
                                    Total Saved           $67.10
                                    Savings                 118% 

THEY PAID ME MONEY! I got paid $10.64 for taking waffles, milk, and orange juice out of their store. That was a fun shopping trip. The manager was called over because the cashier was astonished. 

  Walgreens Shopping Trip - January 27, 2011

                                    Original Total        $68.57
                                    I Actually Paid       $2.13
                                    Total Saved           $66.44
                                    Savings                 97%

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  1. Ah Sierra this is amazing! I wish I could take your couponing class!