Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beginning of Something Big

Frugality has always been a way of life for me. At times it has been out of necessity, and other times it has been because it's just what I've always done. I grew up raised by a single mom with MS who somehow managed to always get food on the table with the little bit of income she had from disability checks. It was normal for us to always shop with sales and coupons and find the best deals possible.

Once I grew up and got married, I continued living a frugal lifestyle. My husband and I shop with coupons and sales. We save money on little things so that we can save up for things that really matter to us. We recently had a baby. (You'll hear more about my son Brady, believe me, I'm quite in love with my little munchkin.) Since I became a mommy, I transitioned from working 6 days a week at 2 jobs, to becoming a stay at home mom. And I am proud to say that it is the best job I've ever had! But the transition from a 2 person income down to one is definitely scary financially. 

I decided that if I wasn't working making us money, than the least I can do is find ways to save us money. So I pushed my penny pinchin self a bit further to find even better deals and learn secrets of real savings. I have been sharing with my friends and family when I come across a really good deal. But they keep asking me to tell them more and where I find this stuff. So, I decided to start this little blog to share sweet savings advise with more people. I'll be posting deals I come across for groceries, online shopping deals, tips of how to live a frugal life, DIY projects, and more. I hope you continue to follow this blog so that you and your family can take advantage of all my money saving ideas!

-Sierra (The Deal Diva)

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