Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Own Mini Store in my Garage

We have been talking about buying a big pantry for the garage. When we shop, we stockpile items that we get on amazing deals. Our small kitchen pantry seems to be bursting at the seams to accommodate everything. So we finally splurged and bought ourselves this bad boy.

It's 48 wide x 80 tall x 16 deep! It's huuuge and it's got 5 nice big shelves. We found it at Home Depot for $137. We used a 10% off coupon that they give out at the post office in their change of address packets. We also used a gift card for part of it. So we ended up paying about $95 out of pocket. I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal for a ton more storage. Now I have a place to store my stockpile of amazing deals. I love that anytime I need something, I can go to my own mini-store. I can just grab what I need that I got for at the very least half off. It's way better than going out to the store and getting what I need when I need it and paying full price. 

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