Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gift Card Deals at Vons

So here's how I got my entire Thanksgiving feast for $30. We celebrated our Thanksgiving and did our whole feast on Sunday since we're going out of town visiting family on Thanksgiving. In addition to making a ton of food for my family (with lots of leftovers!), I was able to bring over 3 side dishes and dessert to a family member's house. I also stocked up on lots of Thanksgiving staples to add to my stockpile. And I only paid $30 out of pocket. Here's how. Right now, Vons is having a gift card promo. Buy a $100 gift card, and they give you a $15 credit on your shopping trip. So, we're currently renovating our house. We know we will be making lots of trips to Lowe's. So we bought $300 worth of gift cards to Lowe's (That we will be spending regardless). Then we were able to get a $45 discount on our groceries. I also shopped with sales and coupons. I ended up paying only $30 out of pocket. This sale promo ends today, then 11/24-11/26 it goes down to only a $10 credit on your order. So try to get to Vons today! You can buy gift cards for yourself that you know you will use anyway, or buy some as Christmas gifts!  And by the way, Vons has Turkeys starting at only $7.

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