Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anthony's Pasta Coupons

Anthony's Pasta goes on sale all the time for about $1. I came across a printable coupon for save $1. I just got a bunch of free pasta from Vons yesterday, but today was the last day of the sale. Starting tomorrow, they will be on sale at Albertsons (So. California) for $1. If you don't have a Albertson's near you, print a bunch a hold on to them til you find a sale to match it with. Coupon expires 2/22/11. And the best part is you can print a ton of coupons cuz they don't put a printing limit on it. This is a good time to stock up on free pasta! If you have never tried stockpiling before, this is a great first item to start with. They last over a year. So go get yourself a bunch of free pasta. 

Has anyone come across any free  (or super cheap) pasta sauce deals to go along with our giant stockpile of pasta?

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