Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earth's Best Baby Food and Diaper Deals! Today Only!

Babies R Us has a One Day Only Deal going on today. You can get Earth's Best Baby Food Stage 1 and 2 for $0.40! The Stage 1 is normally $0.79 and the Stage 2 is normally $0.99 each. This  deal makes Stage 1 50% off and Stage 2 60% off! There is a Babies R Us coupon that you can stack with a manufacture coupon. 

Find out how to get this deal posted by My Frugal Adventures. You can print the coupons for this deal there.

There’s also a coupon for $5 packages of Earth’s Best Diapers on that Babies R Us link, and the Earth's Best website has a $1.50 off coupon. So each package is $3.50. The regular price is $11 a package. Today only for the Babies R Us coupon!

My son Brady is going to start eating baby food in the next few weeks, so I went and stocked up on this awesome deal. I got 60 jars of baby food for $24! It's so crazy to me that he's almost old enough to start baby food! My little guy is growing so fast! Here is my 60 jar stockpile of baby food.

And here's me making "Art" out of it, just for fun  :)

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