Friday, January 7, 2011

My Stockpile

Remember I showed you the new pantry I bought?

Well here it is, all stuffed full of my stockpile of food and other household products.

Ignore the crappy cell phone quality picture. I was so excited I just wanted to quickly get this online to show you guys!

Most of the items in their I bought between 60-80% off with sales and coupons. There's a lot I got for free too! When I find amazing deals on things that don't expire for a while, I buy a whole bunch so I never end up spending full price! I love knowing that if we go through a time where we don't have as much money, I can avoid grocery shopping for a few months (except for fresh items like dairy products and produce). We also plan on securing the cabinet to the wall and putting some sort of cabinet lock on it. Since we live in an earthquake prone area, securing it is important. It's also our emergency supply of food for any type of disaster.

I love the feeling of knowing that my family is taken care of.

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