Tuesday, March 1, 2011

$1 for Three One-Night DVD Rentals from Redbox ($3 Value)

I always save money by waiting to see movies at home instead of paying crazy amounts to see movies in theaters. When we want to see a movie, we wait til it's on DVD and rent if for $1 (or free if we can find codes!) at Redbox or Blockbuster kiosks.

Groupon is having a deal today. Pay $1 and get 3 One Night Rentals! That's Buy 1, get 2 Free! That equals just $.33 per rental!

Click here if you don't have a Groupon account yet. Once your free account is set up, click the yellow bar across the top of the page that says Check Out Our Redbox Offer.

Click here to go to the deal if you already have a Groupon account. Just click the yellow bar at the top of the page that says Check Out Our Redbox Offer.

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