Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to get FREE products or high value coupons for giving companies feedback

Last week I found a great deal on hair color at Rite Aid. I think I ended up spending about $2 out of pocket. I was trying to go much lighter, but my hair color got darker instead. It looks nothing like the picture on the box. So I called Loreal and explained the situation. I was polite, yet expressed a problem. They were very nice and told me a product I could use to for Hair Color Removal and a different product that would get me a better color shade. Then she said she is going to mail me a coupon for both products for completely free! Good thing I called them! 

Last week, I called Pampers to complain that there were 3 diapers in a box that had very small holes in them. They apologized and said they will mail me a coupon for a free big box of diapers!

Calling or emailing companies with either positive or negative feedback is a great way to get freebies or really high value coupons. So spend some time one day going through your house and making a list of all the brands that you purchase- food, health, beauty, home items, clothing, etc. Anything made by a big name company will typically reward you in some way for giving them feedback.

Check out Apple A Day by Penny Pinchin Mom and The $39 Experiment to see how other people did by contacting companies with their feedback.

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