Saturday, March 12, 2011

Someone I Love Needs A Cure

My mom has Multiple Sclerosis. She is 50 years old and got it when she was 26. Her MS has progressively gotten worse over the years. She now has no use of her arms or legs. She only has very little use of a few fingers on one hand. Her brain was affected starting in November and her MS took a pretty extreme nose dive. She is bed-ridden right now because of an infection. She has been in bed for for past couple weeks. It's so hard to see my momma going through such a hard time and slowly lose more and more of her abilities. Please keep her in your hearts and prayers. 

I am arranging a team to walk in the MS Walk this year in honor of my mom. So far, I have a team of 4 people, but I'm hoping to add to that. Our team goal is to raise $1000 to give to the National MS Society to support finding a cure and assistance to those affected by MS. We have raised $550 so far. If you are local to me, the MS Walk will be in Westlake Village, CA on April 16th. I would love to get more people to walk with us. If you would like to support us by adding to our team's tax-deductable donations, we would be so grateful. We have set up a Facebook page for our team. Please Like our page to show your support and get more info. 
We are going to be doing a couple fundraisers to raise money before the walk also. We are thinking about doing a multiple family garage sale with 100% of the profits being donated. We also have made arrangements with California Pizza Kitchen in Simi Valley, CA to do a fundraiser on March 28th. 20% of all the sales that day will be donated to our cause. If you go, please print this flyer and present it to your waiter.

I'm sure most of the people who read this blog don't know my mom. So I don't expect you to donate. But just know that if you do, you will help the world be one small step closer to finding a cure for MS. Remember to Like the page on Facebook to show your support and get more info.

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