Monday, March 21, 2011

Sierra's Sweet Savings- I saved $358.79!

I went over 2 weeks without doing any shopping trips. (except I did stop in to get milk and a little produce one day). It was nice to just live off of our stockpile for a while. Then yesterday, my hubby Kurt, my 6 month old Brady, and I went out and did a BIG shopping trip. We went out in the pouring rain like crazy people- as if the mile high pile of coupons didn't make us look crazy enough :)  We shopped at 2 grocery stores and 1 drug store.

We bought $569.90 worth of groceries, and paid $211.11! That's a savings of 358.79! 63% savings! 


Vons: We bought $344.53 worth of groceries for $135.32. We saved $209.21- a savings of $60%. Some of the best deals we got were:

- 4 whole chickens for $1.50 each
- a variety of clearance frozen meals for $0.49 each
- Philidelphia Cooking Cream for $1 each
- Hormel Entrees for $1.50
- Windex and Mr. Clean for $0.99 each
- Classico Pasta sauces for $0.99
-10 pk Tortillas for $1
- Kraft dressing $0.99
- Rancher's Reserve steaks for $.88/lb
- a bunch of cereal for $1 - $1.50


Ralph's: We bought $119.41 worth of groceries for $51.03. We saved $68.38- a savings of $57%. Some of the best deals we got were:

- Honey Nut Cherrios and Chex cereal for $1.18
- Classico pasta sauce for $1
- Franch's mustard for $0.19
- Land o Lakes butter for free
- Challenge Butter with garlic & herbs mixed in for $1. 


Rite Aid: We bought $105.96 worth of groceries for $24.76. We saved $81.20- a savings of $57%. Some of the best deals we got were:
- 10 Johnson's baby products FREE (used a rain check for $1, and a coupon for Save $1
- Dry Idea deoderant BOGO
- Buy 1 Old Spice deoderant, get one body wash free
- Abreva (normally $18.99) got for 13.99 plus got $3 RR towards next purchase


I want to make sure you guys know that we go through food quickly. Besides myself and my hubby, we have a guy who rents a room from us that we purchase food for as well. We also cook for my father-in-law who comes over for dinner 2-3 times a week. So we make food for me, baby food for my baby, and 2 or sometimes 3 grown men. So I don't want you to look at all the food and think we're pigs. We just go through food fast and we always purchase lots of extra to add to our stockpile. We also try to share our stockpile with others that are struggling financially. I'll share more on this later.

Anyway, we are pretty happy with the deals we got yesterday! That just shows the power of combining sales and coupons! What's the most you have saved on a grocery trip?


Here's some links that helped me prepare for this Shopping Trip:
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Raplhs Deals

I also use The Grocery Game. It gives me the best deals matching up sales and coupons- both advertised and unadvertised deals. Go to and if you sign up, please give my email in the referral section. My email is

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  1. Awesome savings :) and so much yummy!

  2. Thanks! $209 savings on my one trip to Vons is officially a record for me! I always try to beat my savings records! :)