Sunday, November 20, 2011

Save Money By Being Your Man's Hair Stylist

Today was a big day for me... my hubby finally gave in and let me cut his hair. He was crazy enough and brave enough to trust me... And believe it or not, I made his hair look great! It looked just like it does when he gets it done professionally. I was very nervous at first and I purposely cut it longer than I thought at first to get the hang of it. Once I was comfortable, I cut at the correct length and it came out perfect. So be brave, tell your honey to be brave and give it a shot! 

Here's a video that shows just how simple it is.

And here's a Clipper Kit that's just like the one I got. 

It's actually on an awesome sale right now. Normal Price $62.95. Sale Price $29.97 and free shipping... what a deal! Not sure when t expires, so I would suggest getting it now!

But the biggest money saving of all is never paying for a hair cut ever again. My hubby gets his hair cut about once a month for $20 on average. That's a savings of $20/month and $240/year. Just think of all the ways he could use that money to pay you back for all your hard work... :) haha... just kidding. In all honesty, any way we can free up an extra monthly fee is a huge help to our finances. I hope this quick tip helps you out! You can learn to cut your kid's hair too to save even more!

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