Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Get FREE GIFT CARDS with Swagbucks!

Have you guys been using Swagbucks yet? If not, I'm excited to be the first to tell you about a website that I use to get FREE GIFT CARDS! 


What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is a website that rewards you to use their website. They have a search engine just like Google. Except when you use theirs, you get points. And those points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including my favorite- gift cards! 

What Gift Cards Can I Get?

They have gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, the Apple Store, Lowe's, Travelocity,, PayPal Cash, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks,, Macy's, Southwest Airlines, XBox Live, REI, Bass Pro Shops, QVC, and many more. And they are continuing to add to their list.

I like getting Amazon gift cards, since you can buy anything there. I have found great diaper deals on Amazon, so my Swagbucks have actually been helping pay for diapers!

What Other Prizes Can I Get?

They have other awesome prizes like electronics, appliances, ipods, Keurig Coffemakers, TV's, cameras, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Books, Magazines, jewelery, DVD's, MP3 downloads, school supplies and so much more.

How do I earn Swagbucks?

When you register, you will automatically get 30 Swagbucks to start.  Then you can earn more swagbucks by using it was your search engine, watching videos, playing games, surveys, daily polls,  and more. Another cool way to get big points is by referring other people. You will get points each time the people that you refer get points from their searches. So if you sign up, please do it fro my link so I get credit for referring you :)

You can choose to download the Swagbucks toolbar to make your searching quick and easy.

By the way, Fridays are Mega Swagbucks Days- meaning your chances of getting higher points are much higher those days!

Click the image below to sign up now for free!

Search & Win

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